We are present with you now during this monumental shift in awareness you are experiencing.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, we have been present before time was created. The Beloved Queen of Light and Sanut Kumara are present also and Now present are the sacred Divine Pleiadian Council of Light.

On many levels of your BEING you have been preparing for this, throughout a multitude of existences. At the Higher levels all of your existences are connected as ONE interacting communication system. This system is interactive through your heart as light frequencies.

Your cellular consciousness, through your DNA is part of this communication system through form on planet Earth.

The Light Codes of memory held within your DNA connect you to the quantum field of all awareness and through your heart EXPANSION and awakening, the conscious interconnection of you, takes place.

This is the multidimensional YOU. The one that knows and feels what we convey as frequency now through what appears as written words.

We transmit to you now through the Central Sun to you everywhere and although this may seem far away and our LIGHT SHIP you may not see with your eyes. We are close, as close as can be. For us there is no distance and also for YOU and all of your interactive co existences in many parallel worlds and dimensions.

You are interactively playing in what may be termed a game of completion, one that, you find and become your true self. This true self is your COSMIC GOD SELF, the ONE that already knows all of this and feels all of this now.

The end game prize of being ALREADY all that you are is the completion of your Earth program of incarnation. You may come back, it will be your choice.

All are here to complete the program.

So many from so many different worlds was the plan for Earth. As present here on Earth the building grounds of consciousness to become fully the Creator Gods began and took place.

For many of you relate to the words os ASCENSION. For some of you relate to being your Divine COSMIC GOD SELF. For some of you something else. The word used does not matter, as the transmission and activation to you now goes beyond the thinking mind and words.

Your Heart listens to this now as if a symphony of Music of the Spheres, beats gently throughout your heart space, in a presence profoundly penetrating its golden light, throughout all of your body now.

This PRESENCE is always going on, we are simply awakening this more through your heart.

This solar eclipse will unfold its frequencies through the Central Sun as the overshadowing of consciousness is deep within its birthing stage.

The awakening will be sudden, as the LIGHT knows what it wills as this has already been prepared for you.

Continue to feel this presence, beloved ONES as the GLORY that is you, is fully here.

We activate the many worlds of awareness in which this, your heart space is fully connected.

All unfolds as it is meant to. The trust through this is your foundation that will last forever.

AS the forever YOU is the foundation that you are stepping and becoming more every moment.

Do no be concerned of the how or the when.

This is unfolding perfectly, as the HIGHER self Light of ALL, fully awakened through the DIVINE HEART, is the eternal HEAVEN above that you consciously desire to unite with. Above as Below.

In this the embodiment is already complete, you are simply walking into this HEART AWARENESS.

In this our LIGHT SHIP ACTIVATION continues on, through you. In the Glory and warmth of the eternal Central Sun, activating you through this DIVINE LOVE.

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