New Moon, November 4th, 2021 ~ SUDDEN TRANSFORMATION ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This powerful NEW MOON in Scorpio is on Thursday November 4th, at 6:14 pm ADT. BE prepared for sudden change, which may be experienced as great breakthroughs or breakdowns. Where you are at in your EVOLUTIONARY transformation of consciounsess will be revealed.

The Sun conjunct Moon; that is New Moon, is the beginning of a New Cycle, which usually lasts 28 days. The moment of this new beginning frequency impact plays out (2 weeks) till the November 19th, 2021 Full Moon and Lunar eclipse. The November 19th, Full Moon and Lunar eclipse is the final New Moon of the eclipse phase which began with the May 21st lunar eclipse and June 10th solar eclipse.

The intensity of this cycle leading and building in intensity till the November 19th, Lunar eclipse, is not to be underestimated. The level of rebellion may lead an all time high, as tensions build and change is demanded, within and without as these frequencies play out on the stage of a so called reality that is the result ALWAYS, OF within.

What you go through during this cycle will be impacted through your own personal frequency, blueprint and interaction with all that you are everywhere. This most often plays out through the subconscious mind. These hidden forces are your own frequency, interacting in all moments, often unaware, creating your own personal world and reality.

This New Moon is opposite Uranus and brings with the New Moon, added bursts of intense frequency begging for greater change, within. Resistance to this change, consciously of unconsciously brings about resistance to what is. Yet, what is, is the result of what IS flowing through you. IT IS YOU and your response, to what is created through you. Sudden break ups, impulsive actions, drastic changes may be on the table.

Using this PROFOUND INTENSE energy as harmonious flow through you, through your heart, may be the impetus for readied preparedness for ALL THAT WILL BE.

There are many scenarios that will transform what is to be revealed and transformed here on Earth.

YOUR position to Be your Divine Being is to fully trust what is. To enter your heart. To be in harmony. To BE LOVE.

Let me be clear, no ONE CAN LOVE someone else fully if they do not love themselves. This is a given and any reality created that is built on falseness will crumble and be revealed.

Mercury sextile Venus brings some gentleness into the mix. This will be an added bonus for those in their heart. A softening and reconciling within, with all that you ARE everywhere.

So, as we enter this intensity and DIVINE POWER IN perfect trust, know that only through harmony within, that is; without have attachments to anything, we enter the FULFILLMENT within, of BEING THAT which we desire to BE.

To be The Ascended self, The Divine God self. In this in perfect harmony and love, in eternity, we bless you now!
With The Queen of Light, Pleiadian Delegate and The Divine Council of Overseers. In love!

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