One can see through the past conditioning of outmoded beliefs of thought, a false world, where one believes they know its meaning. Alternatively, one may see the moment as it is free from the constructs of the mind, THROUGH THE HEART. Where one truly has been born.

If you look through the window of the past, you will be falsely guided.

As this false guidance from the lower self conditioning, is but a repetitive trap you continue to fall into.

Do not get me wrong, you are far from a victim here.

It is YOU interfacing with the constructs of your OWN DOING, that limit you every which way imaginable.

OR have you not yet realized, that the higher way is not the conditioned way based on time. Summing up this or that, the fallen ones only dig their own grave.

YET, there is no death, even in that the fear of death is but a construct you have created for yourself.

AS if you are in control of the fears you have allowed to become you, OVER AND OVER again. The cycle of your thoughts and incorrect assumptions of yet EVERYTHING. Again, over and over and over. How many lifetimes will it take for you to AWAKE and let go of everything.

This may seem monumental only because you have not let go of one small thing yet.

You think you can cling to your concepts and enter the true Kingdom of the Divine? Even in this the folly you have blocked out even one moment of pure awareness. That is ALWAYS waiting for you to enter into.

It is here present.

You are off in your mental meanderings of beliefs.

LET them go.

Be as born NEW NOW.

Do not judge, sum up, calculate, this and that, can you just BE the most natural state every created. JUST TO BE.

We are transmitting these words as the self deception only gets deeper and deeper.

MANY are already on the HIGH Ride of Love, looking through the looking glass of GLORY. The heart expands to everything, everywhere and is all of this space, no space and more.

Yet you remain deceived by your own doing.

WAKE up. LET go OF EVERYTHING you ever believed, thought, and are attached to.

You cannot see as you have immersed yourself in the belief of having to control the external. You are not present here, HERE NOW is what matters, NOW.

Not what if, when, how. The questioning you have, gives you away.

LOOK at this mirror.

Then for one moment even now. WAKE UP. Wake up from your own self created sleep and enter your sacred heart.

Which holds on to nothing.

Which believes nothing.

Yet just IS in the purity of all that is, IS the GLORY OF THE DIVINE. WE SAY we are HERE NOW. Wakeup.

In this purity of LOVE IN THE eternal DIVINE, we bless you and awaken you, to be aware of more or your awareness, and to awaken you to your eternal awareness of being THE DIVINE BEING.

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  1. last and forlast night,I have really very attack by Satan,I was known about,he work by order of black.gods,before that by last attack it was more as blaf he have instalater to mach they hair and bouble so deep in meat as never before and every time col of more at 50 small been and par big,Even high Angel sendet to me picture about,but this was come in me,ro make pip show and try make to me some pain,he was anger of me last I was try speak with him even that is not easy,by I can see him in width head out,and over 12pm, I give message to him and make in surprise,and make to speak to him from heart,he and lu…are over30 jears hidden me,I know they work as by contract or order by black god,by gods meeting they have all about,I was anonim there and all story about have tell,like over 37 years they take me somehow and total destroy,my father,mother my sheep And friends forget,first time my father come to me and have ask did you know who I am I say no,and he was so angerof they and say oh my son what they have do it from…..after that is easy begin my preair for to day on unknown way and nothing match to know,as big part of p.creator my fatger,now,I have make first resurection by free willwindow of oportuniti was open for me,now com second and third the cil is make me free if all enemy give my memory and so on,thats was on way to happen,but I was so tairet of all and stopp mission,Amine say to me that can you not i say i can just watch,i speak width high angel thay are over me,i say i just need little more time over two weak and have become,they wont know wen i am ready… be next two mounts can be finish…..I hope you understand me well ….my love that i know nothing about,they worker have take power of me,vour are work width black been and make black magic on me,even you know all that,that is one of reason by my tairet….but that wont get o.k t.y…..even the many hate me openly and other.s try be over,they all make mistake..

    Am Mi., 27. Okt. 2021 um 22:14 Uhr schrieb The New Divine Humanity :

    > L’Aura Pleiadian posted: ” One can see through the past conditioning of > outmoded beliefs of thought, a false world, where one believes they know > its meaning. Alternatively, one may see the moment as it is free from the > constructs of the mind, THROUGH THE HEART. Where one truly has” >

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