The Form consciousness and the Higher Self/God Self consciousness merge as one.

This becomes completely A NO location experience for the form also.

Yes the eyes can see a hand if you outstretch a hand.

The merge allows the forms consciousness to ALSO be only the eternal God Self.

This is a no location experience.

I see the body walking AND I AM NOT WALKING. I am nowhere there is no location.

The body laying down to sleep becomes absorbed into the complete expansion that knows no location LITERALLY.

There is no left or right, no East or West, no town no city, no country no world.

The higher heart expansion becomes the full expansion, as the experience of expansion of consciousness throughout the Multiverse, so too, becomes the form. Literally.

This frees the form from all beliefs in time.

The existence becomes the God Self literally playing out the play.

The greater the heart expansion the greater the EMBODIMENT OF THE GOD SELF.

There may appear many steps to the entire process. Yet it all takes place in a moment.

Set your awareness OUT OF TIME for a start. Notice how much you think in time, believe in time, worry in time, and let it all go. The God Self does not exist in time and. neither will your form when you become your God Self fully, consciously, form included also.

This may appear very flighty, it is the opposite for those that have ANCHORED themselves in the Higher Self as the complete surrender to their Divinity way of being. This is the way.

We activate you in this, many beings are present. Many worlds, many Universes all NOW, through eternity, now! in Love!

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  1. Bless you!
    Thank you!

  2. Hace algunos días, en sueños o en un estado intermedio, te senti y tuve una visión de una nave espacial. También en estos días, estando en un estado de contemplación, sentí que me decian o me llamaban, y después entendí el mensaje, era una llamada blanca.
    Muy feliz de recibir tu bello mensaje.
    Te amo ♥️🧡❣️💓💞 amor, gratitud y felicidad por toda la eternidad 💕❤️♥️🧡❣️💓💞🎶🎵🎶🎵🎼

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