I have no location, I have many forms in many dimensions and parallel worlds that co exist now.

The New Earth does not exist in a location, or a direction as well. Same with the human term of afterlife, which is a mirage of sorts, as it isn’t away and does. not exist in a location.

For many the concept of HERE is relative to the idea that the form is what they are and that the state of consciousness that exists, exists through those beliefs.

The mirror may be cloudy, but it does not make the truth any less true.

We are HERE for what? To actualize we are not in one location. To acknowledge the truth of being, we have no location. The FORM is but a mere playing out of the stage. WE are not the form, we are ETERNAL. TO WAKE up in the dream, to we are NOWHERE and everywhere. No ending point, no box. No real death.

ONLY awakening more and more to the eternal truth which is the only TRUTH of our BEING.


We may say we are present here now, that is this moment of interaction within your consciousness which is far beyond what you can imagine, that is guaranteed.

When you awaken fully you will know you were never far away from anything, including that which you call your higher self. Your eternal self.

Yet the consciousness awakening to THIS truth is you Ascension and it is the GOD SELF we are in all moments speaking about and activating you THROUGH.

The NEW EARTH EXISTS now it is a frequency. When your frequency matches it you will exist through it.

Just as when the body itself appears to die the being returns to eternal life. IT is not a place it is a frequency shift.

So then why we are here becomes TO AWAKEN to we are not here in one spot as in location.

We are to BE untied CONSCIOUSLY through our HEARTS WITH our one and only eternal love and consciousness and be that while in a form.

There are many forms yes, and they all are CONNECTED now. ONE moment you will know this as your frequency shifts every moment.

We activate you through this! NOW! In the GLORY that is eternal, through the love that is always pure, through your heart, your ASCENSION, your eternal GOD SELF.

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  1. Thank you so much! 🙏🏻❤️✨ I love you!

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