What word would you prefer? Twin flames, pure love with another, eternal love; either way a DIVINE relationship is NOT what you think. It is more than that and it is all that is, eternally.

These mere mortal words do not portray the profundity of the frequency I am transmitting to you.

For it is not of this world in which I activate. Nor in which you receive.

I do not transmit from Earth.

Another world, another dimension free from the confines of ever existing in time, free from the belief in limitation. Being everywhere. I live in all of it, transmit through the Central Sun, through all that appears in the eyes that do not see as the unseen.

Yet this energy frequency is as tangible as the the immense beauty, purest love and Divine power of the DIVINE throughout all of eternity. It is the wholeness of it all. Also felt as a heartbeat eternal. The perfect rhythm and flow. The endless, endless, forever now.

The New Divine Relationship consisting of a couple, two joined as ONE, is not based on previous held beliefs of self gain. Self pleasure, self whatever.

The two eternal CONSCIOUS beings of that, are fully in their Heart AND they join as fulfilled Divine Love in service to each other and then together as one serve Humanity as the Divine couple. The Divine relationship. Many lifetimes they have joined as one and have practiced the perfection of love to become the embodiment of the DIVINE in form as the Divine Couple as One.

They love each other as they TRULY Love themselves. Then this powerful force of DIVINE love through their joining as ONE through being blessed within, spreads out throughout the Universe to bless all people, everywhere.

Now this Earth place is not their first meeting place throughout this Universe and others. They have practiced this throughout the Universe and others, also.

The powerful force of Love and Divine Power is more real than anything one could imagine as it is the creative power of ALL THAT IS.

The unseen force allowing your heart to beat, your lungs allowing you to breathe. The river running downstream. The SUN rising and setting.

The power behind all that is seen through the eyes.

The creation of ALL UNIVERSES.

This resides in YOU to be known as FULLY being the GOD Self. When you are ready and the one you have practised this with throughout eternity is ready you then become the Divine Couple, the powerful force of UNION; as above so below.

On your own you are of service and are as your Divine God Self, when you join in Divine Relationship you become the ONE also and share and experience as ONE.

The mystical Union exists within you. To be fully activated.

As nothing keeps you from this knowing as this is why you are here now and reading these words.

The Full power to be released into the whole is the perfect exact frequency release and activation, in which all are prepared for if appearing on Earth in form.

So we bless the STARS, The Universe, all Universes, ALL BEINGS, as we represent the DIVINE love and POWER of ALL That is.

In this we ACTIVATE you now, through then holiest of love, in the sacredness of the DIVINE.

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  1. Wow! I receive this beautiful and sacred activation with eternal gratitude! 🙏🏻❤️✨

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