In the state of perfect harmony (through the heart) we have perfect access to the plasma connection that exists throughout the infinite Universe.

In a state of disharmony we close down the awareness to this connection.

Through the state of CONSTANT present moment awareness through the heart in HARMONY we exist opened to and living throughout all the dimensions, throughout the infinite Universe. In this state of connection there is no distance.

The communication of our DNA with this infinite connecting energy is instantaneous. In harmony we communicate constantly and bring to us in all moments the connecting reality of the infinite.

The wormholes exist as what most would term portals, yet they are everywhere and are dependent on the ability to be open in harmony to the infinite connecting field.

We are the either conscious creator knowing no limitations through this constant connection or immersed in disharmony in what feels like a cut off field of helplessness.

Yet all that is is already all that is.

The connecting field is not dependent on you.


The energy and electromagnetic field that plays out on Earth is YOU is a nodal point in this plasma field.

As a being that conducts electrical energy and light as photons, thought your cells and DNA YOU transmitted send out vibrations into the field of connectivity.

ONLY if that frequency is harmonious will it be picked up and open dimensions and wormholes that access the response to the frequency you are transmitting through your thoughts and emotions.

A cellphone connection or radio frequency only functions through coherent waves or you would not hear clearly ANYTHING. THE WAVES THAT ARE harmonious are only picked up. Coherent waves.

You already are a light being NOW. WHEN in perfect harmony you access this radio frequency of no time no distance, the field of plasma and interact with it and it immediately responds. Faster than the speed of light.

Matter has only slowed down in vibration for you to appear solid. Under a microscope you are not solid at all. You are light and frequency.

To access ALL that is HARMONY and coherent frequency through the heart is the access of the ALL ACCESS to all dimensions, worlds of possibilities, wormholes into anything that you are vibrating as.

As this is a hologram.

You are existing in a hologram of plasma and light and matter as nodal points.

Access all through the heart NOW, as that is all there is. And only here is the ACCESS TO THE ALL.

Your divinity your joy, your love, your MASTERY. IN love, ONLY NOW! We activate YOU!

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  1. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    About two days ago I was doing the meditation in the morning and suddenly I had a very special vision, which looks like a vehicle of light, which is wide at the top and then continues and is thin, I saw it in colors and then I They said “we are waiting for you in Agartha”, later that day in the afternoon, when I was very relaxed and happy, I perceived some colored geometric figures, a kind of triangles and squares that moved very fast.
    The next day I was in meditation in the afternoon and suddenly I felt an intense golden light within me.
    Now praying the decree of the Violet Flame 33 times, I had a beautiful and warm vision of green color, I felt mother nature, I felt like her embrace, like a big and beautiful green leaf of a palm tree that was hugging me. now I also felt the inspiration, I perceived your message and the message of Jeshua.
    Listening to Kryon now and the interesting reflection of him, really my soul and my presence is something very special, beautiful and sublime, it is a journey painted and welcomed by divinity, by light and love.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ I Love you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Eternal Love, Bliss and Gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. María Díaz

    Thank you💗L’Aura💗Divine Council of Overseers💗💗💗Im so gratefull for the activation💗I love you💗💗

  3. My eternal gratitude for this and all sacred activations! Thank you! I love you! 🙏🏻❤️✨

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