Equality, White Supremacy And The New World STAGE

Say what?

Not unique among Earthlings, the idea and belief system through bottom line separation of consciousness only serves as fuel for the lower self, the ego and that which is serves ~ to DIVIDE.

I have heard it all, even labelling different alien types as better than others. Again the separated consciousness only seeking more PROOF OF ITS DIVISION state.

What the funny part is, at the actual level of union, none of this separation idea and stance even exists.

Though far from funny the groups of people that feel the sense of division going against them are nothing short of being labelled and treated unfairly, by the very systems, supposedly in power to help.

Those who are in the upper more prevalent division groups, tend to feel better than thou, which is greater depth of cover up, of the very own division they self created.

Knowing that entering ones heart where LITERAL no division exists, is the only leap of evolution, that will help the ego and lower self, to let go of its stranglehold on the idea of power, to self preserve itself.

There is nothing to hold on to. For those in their hearts, they know there is no division, among Beings on Earth and throughout the UNIVERSE. NO species greater than another. ALL Are made from the same fabric and represent levels of consciousness that they function through.

These again are symbolic of the inner workings of thought, choice, attention, intention, feelings and self responsibility.

Knowing that every thought is in fact sent out to all throughout the universe, amps up the awareness that, what I do and think, does matter to the whole.

The full ending of separation ideas, has come full tilt to the idea of survival. Adding again, to the ego idea of self preservation.

NO the world wont have an end because so and so is doing this or that. No, these groups aren’t the only ones promoting separation. In a self sustaining world of adding to the whole, EACH is responsible for their own role, in either adding to wholeness or adding to separation.

What are you thinking, promoting, being yourself. Let us take the world stage and place it in your own living room. Every phone call, every word, every thought. Because in fact that is the new world stage.

PEOPLE taking responsibility for themselves. FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS, THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS.

Look only to yourself. What are you adding to within yourself. What takes away from wholeness and divides, what makes whole? Self responsibility, the new world stage. You decide fully every moment, what it will BE.

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  1. Thank you so very much! 🙏🏻🤍✨

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