L'AuranowI am not one to speak about politics and this post is not about that. This is an activation for you to LIVE trusting through your heart.

This is about your DIVINE PRESENCE and your HEART awareness and learning to apply that awareness to EVERYTHING INCLUDING UNCOMFORTABLE subjects and thoughts.

For MANY; I am shown, this upcoming election have major fears and worries over who will win the election or not, AS IF their life depended on it.

These thought forms and fear are not only are building in frequency, THESE fears, these things, these thoughts about a FUTURE ARE exactly the PERFECT opportunity to walk your talk. THROUGH your HEART.

TO live in your heart and trust the DIVINE (walk your talk) you trust the UNSEEN, The UNKNOWABLE.

The DIVINE IS the precursor to matter. It is the energy of love that flows through all that manifests, even if unaware to the observers.

This is the creative POWER that unfolds moment to moment, through ALL THINGS and consciousness as light frequency/matter. 

NOW ~ regarding practicing walking your talk. TRUST in this unseen DIVINE power is the ONLY foundation that will never fail. This trust also is the ONLY GATEWAY through LIVING through the heart as the DIVINE ASCENDED BEING.

So who wins the election and who does not? CAN YOU stay in the moment and trust moment to moment? Can you let go of needing things to be a certain way to believe. CAN YOU TRUST who you do not want to win, if wins, there MUST be a reason for this?

ONLY that living true trust, beyond what you can see will ever get you through what is to come.

That trust is the only true power, as it RELEASES the smaller self from attempting to  try and change things and only succeed in being in the way of consciously BEING THE HEART FLOW ~ the DIVINE SELF.

COUNTLESS people say they want this. To BE DIVINE.

Now act like you want it, not through trying but THROUGH LETTING GO and getting out of the way and TRUSTING the UNSEEN DIIVNE POWER that  CREATES. Is ultimately in charge of the monumental SHIFTS and changes on EARTH now.

IT may take constant practise.

Nothing can move the DIVINE. IT is as it flows, I am flowing through this rock solid FOUNDATION of trust. That is BEING the Divine flow. That is the only WAY.

Activating and initiating all who are actually willing to walk the talk. In love.




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  1. Hello Bautiful… is finally sinking in. Deepest heartfelt gratitude. Now/Won

  2. Dearest L’Aura and The Divine Council of Overseers, thank you so much for this Sacred Activation and Initiation! I love you! 🙏🏻❤️✨

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