Graduating Through The Levels

L'AuraInannaAre you consciously evolved, did you go to your thoughts to attempt to decipher if you are or not?

Anyone going THROUGH the EARTH Program having a form,. agreed to be here so as to eventually graduate and be a conscious MASTER OF FORM.

What is form? It is intelligent frequency waves, that function and exist as they ARE, energetically.

When there is karma to be cleared, the being in a form exists with a subconscious that is hidden, where energetic memories exist as hidden impulses that DICTATE that beings REALITY.

Those not yet in complete union  that are holding energetic DISTORTED memories to be cleared (karma) are protected in a sense from their own FEARS, till one is ready and goes THROUGH the natural and next level of process of evolution.

Thoughts do not exist inside your body, neither is the blueprint you are functioning through that contains all the memories contained through all existences. You are registered in the database of the universe as your unique frequency. You are vibrating through frequency of YOU.

When there is a distortion of consciousness through fear EXISTING as memory to be cleared in the subconscious (karma) that level of frequency being ~ draws upon ALL thoughts MATCHING that specific distorted frequency that creates the reality EXPERIENCED.

It is always a vibratory match. It is always NOW. 

When ones frequency is in high vibration and all memory is cleared, one does not exist through a distorted reality and sees form for what it is and what all reality is. The subconscious is not hidden, the being then exists in full capacity as the TRUE self, Cosmic God Self ~ we will say, and lives in harmony and Union. Is Ascended and is a Master of Form.

The Elohim creator Gods set this up with the help of The Divine Council of Overseers, the program of all beings, to exist also as FULL creators with their eternal Cosmic GOD SELF ~ uniting consciously as ALSO creator Gods and masters of form.

All that is hidden will be revealed, there is no time, this is all flowing through NOW.

WE activate the memory of the TRUTH ~ that exists everywhere, which you align with WHEN you are ready.  The alignment is a frequency NOT s desire, it is automatic as you graduate to THROUGH the many levels and initiations.

The BOOK and Project, “Invoking Blessings”  will also usher in new levels of initiations and AWARENESS of the pure alignment with the Cosmic God Self, which you are created TO BE ~ consciously. That is why you ARE HERE NOW reading this.

WE walk through this with you, in no time, in now, AS IS, we ARE, the representatives and initiators of ALL graduating and Being, their Cosmic God Self Now, In love.




A HUGE thank you to all of you that have DONATED!!

FOR now this is ON HOLD as of NOW as we go through this TRANSITION PERIOD.

If you are wanting to donate to me personally (which I am not asking for) contact me personally. HOLDING you all in LOVE through this transition! 

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  1. Eternally Grateful! I Love You So Much! 🙏🏻💖✨

    Loving supporting consciousness

    Angelic Mother Divine

    Unequivocally “Our Queen Of Light”

    Radiance, love, joy and compassion personified

    Admirable, beautiful, ageless and such a blessing to ALL

  2. Clearing is going on through its many facets, if I am alive it is by the Miracle of being At the Higher Heart thanks for your Love Quin of Light

  3. Fullness of Love & Gratitude Beloved QOL & Overseers ~ Thank You for this Blessed Activation ~ into the remembering & enlivening of the Truth of my existence 🙂 Please, all karmic memories within me to be released & cleared with ease, Grace, & Joy 🙂 Graduating, as I am ready ~ into my full alignment with my Cosmic God Self ~ I continue to consciously flow in divine harmony, love, light, peace, being Present ~ receiving with Gratitude Divine blessings ~ moving closer & closer, miraculously, into full Divine Union. Beyond Grateful & Thankful to receive Your Grace & have You in my life. Always, 4ever, & Now I Love You. 🙂 Warm hugs & kisses 🙂

  4. I love you soo much! Thank you for this and absolutely everything, you are such a blessing to us all 🙏🏻💞🌈✨

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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