Activating The True You ~ To Be The One That You Know Yourself Only To Be

In time, the voice that leads, is one of attachment and fear. It wants to get ahead, win, control, and gain. What it leads to, is more pain and suffering and greater attachment to outcome.

When you step out of time, the reality you existed in, falls apart, literally. The you that you thought you were, shatters. This process to the mind and the accompanying initiations, will seem confusing to the mind, and the ego in time, that once ruled and dictated, your seeming life.

When the old you has shattered, you have stepped out of time and the voice that once ruled you is silent. You hear the voice that is eternal that was always present for you. It was always speaking, you just did not hear it with the ego, being the way through a frequency in time, your body lived through. Or so you thought.

You are not immersed in time, the real you.

The undoing of time, is linking you back to this inherent truth.

One may say, oh I am in pain, I am hurt, or how are you?

What you are you always referring to?

In time, in ego, the identification is always attached to outcome.

In the eternal we only identify with what is flowing through us.

That is being present in the moment.

So we do not try to be present in the moment, it is like the opposite, as no truing and letting go, in a child like way, is what undoes the programming that is shattering, itself.

Do you see? Do you feel?

The process is wide-spread, and well underway. Those that identify strongly with attachments, will not enjoy the process of the shattering.

Yet ultimately it is the removal of a system attached to time.

And in this, I flow and have my being. In love always, activating MORE of the TRUE you, to be the ONE that you only ARE.

With love for you, always, L’Aura


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  1. Sacred Love and Blessings!

  2. Yes, I am feeling it. 🙂 Thank YOU Heavenly QOL for this Sacred Activation 🙂 I open to receive fully 🙂 Living, being, knowing, identifying only with my True Eternal Self in all moments ~ allowing the illusion of “time” to shatter with ease & Grace, embracing fully “no time” “no separation” ~ walking/moving/breathing in Eternity ~ having no attachments 🙂 You are Beyond a Treasure to Behold ~ A Gift to Humanity 🙂 Thank YOU for YOUR Amazing Grace blessing me (& all) on the Ascension path. Dearly I feel YOU in my heart & full being. Gratitude Beyond………:) 4ever & Always I Love YOU!!! 🙂 !!!

  3. Thank you so very much for this powerful and sacred Activation! I Love You! 🙏🏻💜✨

  4. So incredibly powerful! Thank YOU 🙏🏻 So grateful to receive, I love you! 💛💜✨

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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