Everything is Changing ~ It is a State of Consciousness

Experiencing dramatic changes ~ is the result of Consciousness Shifts.

Frequency Shifts. DNA Shifts.

Literally living in a world where everything is shifting before your eyes.

You are different. The world is different.

You see it everywhere.

You have changed and merged with the Eternal You.

Your Original Light.

Manoeuvring through the states of consciousness that are shifting….as I write this, represent, what was once hoped for. Which is NOW taking place.

You have let all attachments go.

You have mastered the elements within.

Earth, Air, Water and Fire. You live through the truth of you, your Eternal Spirit.

The Mastery of thoughts. The Mastery of Emotions.

The Mastery of FORM.

It now all flows through YOU ~ consciously.

Your Consciousness has shifted.

It is changing before your eyes, your reality.

You have merged with your Original Light.

You are Stepping into the Being of your Merged consciousness and adjusting to this Newness of Being.

YOU observe and watch this unfold, Now.

You Live and breathe this new reality into Being.

As the Consciousness of Eternal Light.

We are with You. In the Glory of the Light ~ that sets all free ~ as its Original Pure State of Being. In the Unconditional Love that is Heaven on Earth, The Divine Council of Overseers.

See in the Eternal Mirror…The Shift in Consciousness. Now.


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  1. Marja Thibaudier

    💛 Heavenly💛 I Live my Heaven on earth in all Now moments💛
    Powerful Activation💛 I Love you L’Aura💛💛

  2. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  3. We’re so Truly Blessed to be here, NOW! ~ Thank You, TY, TY, LOVE U, LY, LY! ~ ~ ~ Eternally! ~ ~ ~

  4. Embraced In Magical Change, Surrendered In The Light of My Soul,
    And Held in Eternal Harmonic Bliss,
    I Love You L’Aura, ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    With All My Heart I Love You,

  5. Reading this sacred and beautiful activation brings tears. I am eternally grateful. I love you, L’Aura, always and forever.

  6. Thank you for all you send us!

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