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  1. So familiar, all that you post, even your face, like, I know you from some where, yet can’t quiet remember at the Moment, L’Aura. Thank you for your postings, everything is harmoniously in-sync with my day to day experiences, NOW. I don’t quite know “how” at the Moment, yet being activated, and walking my Purpose, intuitively & intentionally.
    Blessings to you & Namaste

  2. L’Aura , hi Joe R . Here .
    First id like to say you are very beautiful , and being alone is fine . And your face is familiar to me , I don’t know why yet’s something good im sure .
    1998 I had a massive heart attack in which I coded 2 times once for 9 minutes . I should be dead . My experiences were simular to your interpretation of light except mine were columns of cool clean light like clouds with ribbons of pastel colors flowing about 6 inches wide .
    Whenever I touched the ribbons beautiful music played and beads of water would flow across my arm , Ioved it and it gave me incredible energy . All this as I moved toward the voice. Or the end of the clouds of light .
    I just realised this would be very long so I’ll stop here for now because I’m locked out of my computer because of microsofts claims there was no password . I’m typing this on my phone and my fingers are too small and I have arthritis. I have questions about the light because so much was revealed to me but it’s confusing . My fingers had it .

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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