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  1. Feeling you Angel!
    Holding you in love!

  2. Dear L ‘ Aura, beautiful and true sacred messages as always. I have a question, as I am moving more into the light I am also feeling how backward this dimension we are in. I cannot find the correct word, backward, dense, limited??? but I am also feeling the suffering of the animals and the suffering humans are causing and I am feeling I do not like most humans much. Yet, I love them. do you have a suggestion to deal with this in between point of feeling the suffering or the frustration of feeling the dense here? I also love my life, and most who are close to me in it I love very much. Life is good, I only teach yoga, meditation, and do healing energy/massage work so I am always in the light and not really in the world most are in. I don’t know it is all feel so dense and humans cause so much suffering for themselves, yet do not see it, how do we watch it and move thru it? I choose to tell people about the light, teach them how to move into it, you are helping me a lot to shift to my next level. thank you. sending so much love

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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