Activating Angelic Communication



Angels are all around you. Your connection is through your Heart.
Some of you may have a direct connection at the Soul level with Angels as you have existed in Angelic Form. You are here to Bring forth your Angelic Message to humanity.

There is no distance between Angels and humans. All things that exist, do exist in different Frequency Dimensions.

When you tune into a Radio station, you will not get Fm on Am. This is very similar to Communicating with Angels. That are here and present for you, including You existing in Angelic Form.

The Realm of the Soul and the so-called other side, is a Frequency dimensions, and within those realms are many levels of Frequencies, of Light.

I have created an “Angelic Human” Activation that will help You to connect with your Angelic Self. This Activation will also help you with Communicating with Angels. I will post this Audio Activation  with this Post. This Activation opens your Original Blueprint and Activates the Codes of your Original Angelic Agreement, your Soul Plan.

This Tuning in of Frequency to the correct channel, so to speak, is through your Heart Space.

You may find Communicating with the Other Side, ( A YouTube Frequency Transmission)  is beneficial for you if your Desire is to communicate with Loved ones, on the so-called other side.

As I mentioned already, there is no other side. There are Frequency levels where different Beings Exist. If you function Primarily in the Earth Frequency Dimension, yet desire to communicate with Higher Frequency Beings, then you may want to spend time Daily focusing on your Heart, listening Quietly to the Voice of your Soul, and entering Sacred Space that is of a Higher Frequency.

Tuning in, to Higher Frequency Dimension is about going deep within your Heart Space. Activating your Awareness through your Heart, Consciously. Use your will now and make a Daily commitment  to You and your Angel Communication.

To make contact with your Guardian Angel ( listen also to the Angelic Human Activation) create Sacred Space, light a candle,  and simply Relax and focus on your Breath. Move your awareness deeply into Your Heart Space. When you feel deeply relaxed and thoughts just float by like clouds, with no attachment to them, sense your Angel behind you in Brilliant Light, this Light is of a Higher Frequency and is Not dense, as in colour. Feel Light pouring out of your Heart Space into the room around You. Stay focused on “feeling” through your Heart your Guardian Angels Presence, the Light of the Angelic Presence and the Light emanating from your Heart Space.  When you feel the sensations of Love and sense the powerful Light, then begin to slowly ask questions, and wait for a response. You may desire to ask the name of your Guardian Angel.  Please remember to build any “Relationship” Daily communication, is important!

Set time aside for this, commit yourself to this.

Angels Presence Bless our Lives and create a “Lightness” of Being and Joy in everything we do. As you begin this you may as I am sure you have heard of, find feathers as signs. Look for the Synchronicities and you will start to see many of them, the many signs that Angels and your Guardian Angel are with you.

If you are desiring to Activate your Angelic Human Self, listen to my Activation Transmission.

We are all here to merge in Deep Union with Our Soul, and this includes fulfilling and Completing our Soul Plan. The Soul Plan is held in your Original Blueprint and is the Design you agreed upon for this Your Incarnation.

Moving into Greater Harmony is the Natural Alignment with your Soul Design and Plan, through the Harmonizing of your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodies.

Angels are here with us, Now. Your Guardian Angel is with You, Now. You may also be an Angelic Human. Opening up to All That is, through Your Heart and Soul and completing your Soul Plan is always the Highest Destiny and your Greatest Fulfillment.

Through Love, Joy and Harmony, through your Heart, Enjoy your Angelic Communication and the Love That Always Is!




I love You Dear Souls!!!



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  1. Lovely message, angel. I cannot hear you on the YouTube video however.

  2. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:
    Lovely lady and angelic communication. I love me some angelic communications.

  3. You are beautiful Angel, very good and wonderful message, really I feel so, I love you so much

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