Letting Go of Suffering…Leave it on the Path….

Letting Go of Suffering.. Leave it on the Path..


Making sense of suffering!

So many people are experiencing suffering, my Heart in compassion goes out to them..
KNOW it is not supposed to make sense, there are NO LESSONS…simply letting go and surrendering..to what is..

This is PART of letting go of the MIND…
The Mind ruling…

I have experienced many tremendous horrendous things..and many people are shocked..how could you? what did you have to learn? I have to laugh….


Remember you are on Planet Earth..the experience planet..

I let go of that every moment…is it you now attached to my suffering? judging it? I left that the moment it occurred…

It simply arose…and then Harmony…

Tibetan monks suffered huge tortures… I have…and will be writing about these things in books I will share with the world, and videos also!

Did they do something wrong or need to learn something.
OH MY GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply observing experience…staying true to YOU through it in LOVE…non judgement for those who are cruel..allowing and Loving…

Non judgements for your Accidents, financial ruin, painful health crises….stay with it in the MOMENT..stay TRUE to your Being…

And the NEW WORLD arises…
One that you held all along…that peace..that love…
that Harmony…

You look back..and yes it was all worth it, NO thing to change..

And In fact BE HERE NOW..I would do it over and over one million times in eternity arriving HERE NOW…HERE I embrace my eternal Beloved..

You enter the space of “ONLY NOW” and that is what ONLY matters…
Only Now is what YOU desire..
Only Now YOU are…

I left those things on the path a long time ago…did YOU?

Does my Experience, hold you some place within you? that keeps coming back to you..that keeps you somewhere you no longer desire to be…can you see it is you…staying at that place of occurrence of an event along the path…the journey..a LONG time ago..

I give all of Myself freely to my Beloved..all…If I do not offer all..then it is not a REAL Gift…

All is the ONLY GIFT..TRUE Gift!!

DO YOU SEE…what may be keeping something in your REALITY is the FACT that you HAVE NOT LET IT GO YET…that you are on the path at the same place…as the event, the tragedy, the occurrence, you simply have not left there yet.

YOU are still THERE…

Can you let it go and be FREE..

Can you go to the PLACE you would have no thing any other way than it has been BECAUSE YOU SO FULLY EMBRACE where you are NOW…

And I mean can you REALLY??

THAT IS the space my friends..to BE.
Your Heart will Soar!
Your existence will be ecstatic…when you fully Embrace..All..Welcome fully your experience, with no judgement.

Hold No judgments that this was not good, that was bad…this was better.
I am HERE I AM NOW…this is perfect! This is Now an affirmation, this is TRUTH!

What a glorious place and space to exist in! and the Glory shines brightly!
One millions suns…shining brighter..as I embrace fully My Beloved Now within….


In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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  1. Only Now is what YOU desire..
    Only Now YOU are…
    this words are so powerfuls !!!…..no words to say..just joy !!

  2. “what did you have to learn?”. Yes, part of being the new Human of Light, forgetting all that ‘Soul lessons’ stuff. its linear, i let go. Nothing more to learn, if there ever was. Feeling it all, letting it go.
    thanks for the reminder.

    i love you Queen of Light xxxx

  3. Ps… Although I wouldn’t have said it for that would be judgmental — love those catch 22’s– but you have confirmed why it never sat well with me.

  4. Yeah… I have left friendships when people couldn’t leave their trauma behind… I wish I could have said it as clearly as you do.
    Love megs

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