Abundance, Frequency and Letting Go of Identity

Abundance, Frequency and Letting go of Identity.  You may be getting very used to monitoring your Frequency these days while you are Rapidly Shift to 5th Dimension Frequency.

It is my wish that you are shifting with Ease and Grace.

You need no Longer Suffer while on Earth. Allow this to be easy for you, Please.

Is your Current DNA programming a Part of this?  Separation is Suffering.

Abundance, what does this mean to you. The Way you  perceived Abundance and the Beliefs you have held around this are Shifting Also.  The Belief that Abundance represents all the many things you are lacking has been very common on Planet Earth.

Do you Know this?

The Need to Have external things to Experience Abundance is rapidly shifting as Planet Earth and Humanity as All are shifting to the 5th Dimension. Having your Identity programmed into the attachment of these things is part of 3D. You are Moving out of that Now.

The Need for Time.

The Need for Money.

The Need for Love.

The Need for the Ending of Suffering in your Life.

The Need to be Healthy.

The Need to be Happy.

The Need for Sacred Sex.

The Need to Find Your Twin.

To Change your Life, and the sense of  Lack, Change your Frequency.

Release your Identity Attachments. It can be easy now with Grace.

The Secret to all You Desire is Very Simple.

1. Shift your Frequency to the 5th Dimension of Love, Union and Harmony. Change your DNA through Frequency.

2. Remove the  Attachment of Your Identity to those things that You either Have or You Have Not.

3. Recognize this Shift to the 5th Dimension is the Shift to Oneness and includes all that You Desire. In Union all things are already Yours.

How could it be Otherwise?

In The Frequency of the 5th Dimension you are In Union. There are no things apart from you. You Flow in Harmony  with Grace and Ease. You Live in your Heart.

Time, Money, Love, Ending of Suffering, Healthy, Happy, Sacred Sex, and Your Twin,  are all available Now. They are Frequencies.

Areas in your life that  you are holding an attachment to and  have “BASED your Identity ON” are BEING Released in this Shift.

This can feel painful, it may feel like you are loosing yourself.

The good News is you are Gaining your True Self.  One in Harmony and in Union with “All That is”.

This can be with Ease and Grace; it is all Frequency.

Begin the Full synchronization of your Cellular Consciousness and DNA to Union, Love and Harmony,  Start today, start Now.

Move your awareness to your Heart Center and Breathe. Keep your focus on Your Heart as often as you can during your day and Night. Post reminders. Increase your ability to Focus.

Listen to my Frequency meditations Daily. Set Times to do this.

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Know The  Shift you are going through has never been experienced like this before. There have been endings and beginnings before.   2012 is Very Unique. This ending is Unique. The Divine Feminine; The Queen of Light has Arrived.

Recognize you are sharing in a Process. The Release of your “identity’ and its Attachments is Part of the Process.

You are Loved and Held in Divine Union. You are Eternal. You are part of  the Rapid Accelerated Process in  this “The Great Shift” Planned for Eons for Planet Earth, The Human Species and The Universe.

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In Divine Unconditional Love, Harmony and Union,

The Queen of Light

I Love You All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Thank you, beautiful awareness!
    Love you,

  2. Thank you in Divine Love,

  3. Reblogged this on Ascension Network. A Guide for Survival. and commented:
    Fantastic meditation. Thank you Laura

  4. sixthchakra@netzero.net

    What a wonderful reminder. Abundance is mine every morning when i sit in Grace and repeatthe what i am grateful for in my life. I usually start with the Sacred vehicle, the body. May i never forget that my abundance and Grace is not separate from ‘me’ and that I have all I needand desire in the NOW. Love to Twin Laura xxxx and Love to you All

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