Freedom, The Central Sun, and The 5th Dimension

Freedom, the Central Sun, and the 5th Dimension.

Life in 5th Dimension is Not about Spirituality, it is about Freedom.

The Pleiadians live in Love, Freedom and Union. They experience themselves as Limitless.

Is it time for you also to enter Frequency 5th Dimension?

Freedom. Freedom from old fear, beliefs, judgements and perceptions. Freedom from experiencing yourself as a Limited Human. Those days are gone.

Letting go of linear Ways and Beliefs is What this  Shift is About. Let it go, it serves no purpose Now. Welcome the Way of Being as Limitless Frequency.

Stepping into Freedom you Enter Union, 5th Dimension Now.

What do you have to let go of?

Beliefs you should eat a certain way? Beliefs about how your life should Look for you. Beliefs about relationships. The belief you need to follow traditional ways. The Belief you are a limited human on earth. Belief that you Are your body. Belief that your Fear and what appears to you Externally is real. Belief that you ARE your Fears.

All that is Going and Gone Now, Frequency 5th Dimension.

Freedom is Freedom. Freedom to be Limitless, to be Love, to be Divine Union. No Fears, no Limitations; Simply Being Real Now.

Are you ready? Are you willing? Do you feel your Soul’s Desire?

You Showed up for the New Program by being here on Planet Earth at this time.  New ways of Being. All New.

Will you take part in You Becoming You?

Will you Experience all that your Soul planned for You at the Highest level in this incarnation, Held in your Blueprint. Will You?

It is all Frequency, and the Way is Now and filled with Grace and Ease.

No more struggling to get things right, or adding to your lists of should or should nots.

Are you Ready? Can you Enter Now 5th Dimension.

Yes you can.

The Portal and Vortex to the Central Sun, Alcyone is The Frequency 5th Dimension.

As a Being Co-Existing on Alcyone Now, I hold the Vortex of the 5th Dimension Frequencies of the Central Sun to Planet  Earth Frequencies. There is no Distance and the Frequency is simply Held.

The Frequencies are Available Now with Ease and Grace. There is nowhere to go or be, Simply align your Cellular Consciousness with the Frequencies 5th Dimension.

Is it really that Simply?

Of course it is.

Difficult is a linear 3D concept.

Ease, Grace and Flow are 5th Dimension Frequencies.

Begin Now by Becoming aware of Your Current Frequencies. When your Life is Flowing with Ease  you are In Harmony. Your Cellular Consciousness and DNA then Align with  your Center. You Live in the Present Moment and Become Divine Love and Union.

In Disharmony you are existing in struggle, 3D. This Frequency moves you out of alignment with your Center and your Soul.

How to Live in Harmony?

Immerse your DNA and Cellular Consciousness in THE Frequencies of the 5th Dimension;  of  Divine Harmony, Love and Union.  Listen to my meditations; THEY Are Source Frequency of Divine Harmony, Love and Union. Your Cellular Consciousness Will Transform and Resonate with This Frequency.

The More YOU exist in this Frequency, the Easier it will BE to Transition to ALWAYS Being and Living in the Frequency of the 5th Dimension.

Queen of Light

I Love all of You.  I am Here as  Walk-in on Planet Earth in 2012 Earth Time to  make this Frequency Shift of the Human Species and the Universe to be One of Grace and Ease. This is Why I am Here.

As the Queen of Light, I am Surrounding the Entire Universe in Divine Union, Love and Harmony.

Take a few moments to enter your Heart. Live in Your Heart. Feel yourself Becoming and Being Pure Love.

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In The Divine Union of Love, Harmony, Ecstasy and Oneness,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light.


I Love You All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Hi Patti!

    The beautiful animals will all ascend. They most likely are helping you!

    You are filled with Love. You are doing Great!

    Do you listen to my meditations?

    I love You!

  2. Laura, thank you for your words, your love and especially you. With ease and grace I enter my heart, often in each moment.

    What else is there for me to do to become 5th dimension and help others…animals too?

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