Paramount in The Paradigm Shift

I will begin to write and share my awareness and Knowing through direct experience of the Chakras and the Bodies. I know there are different views of looking at the bodies as well as different names in different systems. I will eventually cover all of them.

Right Now I am receiving questions from people suffering with emotional despair.

I CANNOT emphasize ENOUGH the need for you to Understand THE Following:

THE frequency shift if YOU are NOT in YOUR  CENTER will show to you all of YOUR imbalances, as well as bring up all of YOUR Fears.

You are entering a new Paradigm; A NEW WAY of EXISTING.

This requires a NEW focus, awareness and WAY of Being.

It is PARAMOUNT if desiring Ease and Grace that you Stay centered. Stay Focused in Your Heart.

When the Emotional Body is running the show it will move all the chakras and the mental body into DISARRAY. The Functioning in the state of disarray switches gears into the Fight or Flight response. This further deplete the physical body depleting the  reserves of prana and the disharmony  moves deeper into STRESS states.

By staying in YOUR Center the shifts in frequency can be experienced as EASE and GRACE.

I am not saying this is Easy!!

I am saying it is doable.

Do you want this difficult? or do you wish to shift easily?  The choice is yours.

Even though the world may seem to be falling apart around you, if YOU stay centered you will move into greater and greater levels of Peace and Harmony.

I KNOW people and without mentioning names Who go for days listening to my meditations and a day or so not. The Days they listen they feel so much more able to stay in the process of the SHIFT.

The days they do not they can be thrown deeper and deeper into Disharmony.

The Reason for this is the Frequency in my  Meditations are the Frequency of Source, of Harmony of the Center. Your Cells and DNA as well as the Subconscious respond to this NEW Frequency. You may experience Vibrations and an awakening. You may see Light.  You may experience huge breakthroughs for longer periods of time.

Do not stop. commit to YOU, Yourself shifting with GRACE and EASE.

The Balance of the Emotional Body and the Mental Body in HARMONY  and UNION with the Heart CENTER, will Move you through This Shift in Frequency and Allow you to Enter the New Paradigm of Being with Grace and Ease.

Heart Frequency Meditation:

Love Meditation:

Chakra meditation:

Healing Meditation (LONG)


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I will be providing more and more ways to help all of YOU through your Transformation with Ease and Grace.

Love to all of You Now.



copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.


About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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