Creating Sacred Space, part 1, color.

Everything is energy. You, your surroundings, even what you may believe are inanimate objects. Since all is energy, everything vibrates at a frequency. Sending out waves of frequency is not only what you do, but also all the people and all the objects do in your surroundings.

Look around your space right now. What colours do you see? What objects? Do they have meaning for you? When the people, objects, and things around you have personal meaning to you, then can potentially uplift your frequency.

Has your Intention for your life changed? Have your priorities shifted? If so, have you UPDATED your surroundings? This can mean different things to do different people. If your main focus and intention is for health, placing objects around you that represent health to you will begin to uplift your frequency towards greater health. Try adding to your surroundings some healthy plants, flowers, and or crystals and then notice the difference. Experiment and play with this!

Also consider the prominent colours in yours surroundings. Red will boost vitality. Orange will boost creativity. Yellow and Gold will boost motivation. Green will boost energy of Love and help open your Heart Chakra. Turquoise will boost unconditional love, for yourself and others. Cobalt blue will boost your intuition. And violet purple will expand your awareness to all things spiritual. These colours hold a frequency in themselves. Consider also the colours of the foods you eat and your clothing.

So start with Colour and add some natural items that hold meaning to you. Begin today.

Part two of “Creating Sacred Space” will be posted soon. Please ask me any questions you would like by leaving your comments for me!

Love and Miracles!


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  1. HI Tess,
    Smells yes have a huge influence, I will be writing on the types of crystals as well as essential oils that will help create a higher frequency, In part 2 and 3.
    I would start off with a clearing in your home. First you can send love to the home, all the people who lived there, then state your intention to feel at peace and welcome in your home. I prefer incense to burn for the clearing, choose one you like and burn it while you do the above and carry it throughout your home. Afterwards air your home out, and place something that marks your new welcome, like flowers in a prominent place as well.
    Let me know if you have any questions and or how it goes!
    Love and Miracles!

  2. Hi Laura! This is awesome! I’ve always been drawn to turquoise, cobalt blue, and purple. Now I know why:) I find I wear these colours and decorate with them as often as possible. They also show up in my art work frequently. Do smells have anything to do with creating a sacred space?

    I am living in a space that was made a home by my husband and his first wife who passed away about 9 years ago. I have struggled to feel at home in it. I have always felt like an intruder in this space. Is there anything that I can do to change how I feel here?


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